What is the best time to go fishing?

We are lucky in the top end, as fishing is generally very good and exciting all year round.

January-March (wet season)
This time of year can be very good fishing weather permitting. Great catches of golden snapper, black Jew fish, and also coral trout, red emperor and other mixed reef species.

April-May (beginning of our dry season)
Great months for blue water fishing. Seas are usually calm, where Jew fish and golden snapper can be prolific. Also a great time for trevally and queen fish.

June-September (dry season)
Beautiful weather and also great blue water fishing. Peak time for chasing sports fish, where mackerel and tuna can be prolific. Quality reef fish are also usually abundant.

October-December (build up-wet season)
Our premonsoonal season, which can produce the best fishing. Sea conditions are usually very calm and a great time to fish for golden snapper & black Jew fish.